Copy/Move SharePoint files

This SharePoint app will make user productive as it provides very simple user interface to copy or move files to destination folder. The app provides a folder browser using treeview like interface. User can navigate through the treeview folder structure and can select the destination folder to copy file to or move to.


The app is free for one user. For multiple users, the per user license cost is $1.49. Having more than 100 users will just cost for 100 users (so, 1.49*100=149). For any query, please Contact Us..

How to use?

Version Supports

The app supports versions only for 'move' files operation, if versioning is enabled in the destination library. In case of copy operations, versioning is not supported. The following table shows the version supports at a glance:

Operation Version Enabled in Destination? Version Supported?
Copy True Not Supported
Copy False Not Supported
Move True Supported
Copy False Not Supported